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September 27, 2009

Some pictures fromt the TOP!

This was looking towards Laie
This was looking out over the Shrimp fields

2 #'s

In just one day I recieved two different numbers from some guys. One was when I was waiting for a friend for lunch, which she never showed, and the other was at the Wasden's party. Both gusy seem really nice but after a walk on the beach I realized I am just not really wanting to go on any single dates right now. It becomes too personal. This guy named Cristiano, from Chile, was at the Wasden's party and I had met him just the night before at a different birthday party with Emma. Well in true latin form he wanted to get to know me and wanted to go on a walk on the beach. I said sure and didn't think we were going to walk the WHOLE thing. By the time we got to the end on the right I was ready to have more company. He kept on trying to walk closer and I kept on trying to walk farther away. I don't know after that I just really did not want to even think about having a boyfriend or even getting close to that right now. I just want to have fun...so Bekah told me she would go on doubles with me from now on :) The other guys name was Boso...I don't know if that is how you spell it, but that is how it sounds. He was nice, but we only talked for like a minute. It was flattering, but I am just not ready to go down that road again. I think I am like Tyler where I don't want to waste my time with somebody I know will not be the one I will love forever. Logan is a different story :) But here I just don't want to tie myself up in a relationship that will go nowhere. Other than that it has been a fun last couple of days. On Sat. Emma, Ben and I went on a little hike and then went swimming in the ocean. It felt so good, but the waves were HUGE!! Like Pounder waves. I guess there is a Typhoon in Japan right now and that is why we are getting the bigger waves! Exciting for the surfers and body boarders but not for the people that just want to wade in the water :) The next hike we go on, will hopefully be to one of the water falls. And then today is just another beautiful Sunday and I will head over to the Wasden's after church. Thats about it though. Until something new comes up...Aloha and Adios!!!

September 23, 2009

Sign Language

So I don't know if any of you have tried or have done sign language but it rocks!! This semester I have a beginners ASL class and it has been a ton of fun. And the coolest part is that I am actually getting it. Spanish came to me, but I did not enjoy it as much. How cool is it to talk to someone with no words just movements of the hands and facial expressions! It is amazing. If there is some way that I might teach music to the def I think I would be happy the rest of life. My lovely when I get home in December I will have to show you all that I learned :) then maybe we could talk during church but not say anything :) Other than that all is otay. Not perfect but I am doing a little better. Tyler thank you so much for your call. Except next time don't make me cry please :) But my courage came back just a little bit. I know I am a strong girl but it would be nice to find someone I can actually talk to. I talk easier to guys but if you want to do that you have to date them. I feel like all anybody does here for fun is check out the opposite sex. You know how much it sucks to feel like you have to be pretty ALL the time. For one day you can't go out just comfy or other wise you look like a slacker and no one will date you then!! Most of the time I don't care but when I go to breakfast, lunch and dinner sitting alone it doesn't feel very good. When momma said that people are not talking to me because I am pretty its hard to believe. What if I am just not what guys or anyone really wants to hang out with. I have a great group of friends at home and maybe they are the people that will be my life long friends. Why I am here I don't really know...but I have trust in the Lord that by being here I am becoming the person that someone someday will want to spend the rest of their life with. All I want to do is feel like someone here will like me for who I am...not a soccer girl, not a cutsie girl and not a music person just who I am. The way I joke, act, and dress. Its who I am and hopefully someone will like that. My lovely sisters if you have any advice it would be much appreciated...you got great guys by being you. Ugh life right now is not the best it has been before. Beautiful surroundings are great but my heart is still a little achy. I miss you guys tons and next time I promise to be happier :) LOVE YOU!!! Aloha!! and Adios!!

September 18, 2009

First Day of Classes!!

Alrighty, well Thursday and Friday were my first days of class. Almost all of them except one. My Book of Mormon class...which I can't wait for! Let us start from the beginning. Thursday morning I woke up, turned off the alarm....OK no I just joke :) Soccer will be fun as soon as we start playing. You know first day of classes is always about the syllabus. But we have enough kids to play full field!! Next was World Lit. It will be interesting...the teacher is not a very happy kind of guy, but yet he cracks a lot of jokes...so all of us end up laughing a lot of the time :) There will be a lot of reading, but that's OK...it will keep me busy. My sign language class RULES!! Oh my goodness it was so much fun. By the end of the class the teach said that we would be able to carry on a tiny conversation. It is just the basics but it is a lot of fun. Each class there is a period of time where we are not able to talk AT ALL!! We must talk with our hands. It was about 20 min. on Thursday. It is weird cause it seems like you learn more because you can't say anything but you are trying so hard to figure out what she is saying with her hands and with her face. I can't wait to learn more in that class. Cary's class is going to be fun too. A little more work then the others but hey, its a 200 course so what else would you expect :) It will be cool to learn actual economics instead of Ag economics. That's what I get for wanting to be in a class with the boyfriend :) Tonight is the Aloha Bash...so my lovely sisters that are always to kind to comment I will write more on that when I get the chance. OH MY I ALMOST FORGOT!! I HAVE A JOB!! I now work at the nursery on campus. Like plants and all that not kids...someone on facebook got that confused :) hehehe. It is going to be a lot of fun. Not a big social job, but I kind of like that. Well that's all the exciting stuff that has happened so far. I will fill you ladies in more as more stuff happens. Please pray that I may make some new friends, and that I may feel good about myself too. This first couple of days has not been easy in that category. I love you all tons and tons!! ADIOS!

September 13, 2009

I'm Here!!!!

So it has been forever and a half since the last post but here I am, and hopefully, lets pray that I will write better now that I am on this thrilling adventure :) From the title you can tell that, yes, I am finally at school in Laie, Hawaii sitting in my dorm room this second. It is a very small room, with two twin beds that should not have been put together. But it will work for the time being...since I was little I have always loved small places so I guess it works out great for that matter :) Last night was the first night, and it went pretty well. Fell asleep quicker than I expected. While the fam. is still here I don't know how much time I will spend in my room or on campus. It will be a different story when they leave :( It is beautiful here and I am already getting used to the heat!! YEAH!!!! The ladies in my unit are really nice and so it looks like living with a bunch of girls won't be that bad :) Sometimes there can be just too much estrogen if you know what I mean. hehehe!!! Sleeping with a roommate is defenitly not like sleeping with my dear and loving sister. I don't know if I will ever open up all the way, cause my life is personal and I am not the kind of person to just let people know all about it. Maria can testify that if I know the person I sleep next to, they get a earfull of information either on life or just about the day :) I love you tons my sista!!!! Already made a new friend...and yes it is a boy. For some reason making new girlfriends is not the easiest thing for me. I geuss I like the simple thinking of guys a little more :) He is the Wasdens nephew...and his name is Peter. Nice guy going on a mission soon. Every 19 year old boy needs to go, cause it seems they have some growing up to do :) There is not much else to say today...going to my singles ward for the first time...we will see how that goes. hehehe. Now I am forced to go. To my family I love you all tons and Alli make sure they know that :) you are the one that will read this first probably :) Which is good, thank you or otherwise I am writing to no one and that would be kind of sad :) Love you guys and I will write next week after classes begin.....Adios

June 30, 2009

Thrilling, Scary and Fun.

These are all the thoughts that run through my mind as I get ready for school in Hawaii this fall!!!! Thrilling, because I get butterflies in my stomach I am so super excited. It is crazy to think that I will be LIVING in Hawaii!! People usually just vacation there, not decide to live there :) It will be scary, because it is my very first time to be on my own. And plus I am going to miss my family a lot, but that part is not really scary just sad :) Finally who wouldn't have fun in Hawaii? :) It is one of the most beautiful serene places on earth to be. The water is blue and warm, the sand is soft and soothing, and the mountains are tall, green and remind me of Jurassic Park :) Oh and I have a little shout out to the wonderful and beautiful Allison Thackeray. Here is a new update to keep you somewhat entertained at work :) Well lets see, Mom and I, plus the rest of the family have almost finished painting the WHOLE house!! I just started weeding out the dead grass in the front and my arms are dead from hoeing almost all day :) Other than that exciting stuff, my life has been all about getting this house fixed up, so I can move away and not enjoy it as long. hehehe. But Mom will hopefully like it when its all done :) Life has been good though, and soon I will put up some pictures of the new painted house. Until the next time I take time to write and give the lovely Alli something read :) ADIOS!!

June 14, 2009

New Start!

Alright, well I have tried this once before and did nothing with it. Lets see what happens this time. Well with this first post let me give a quick background of my life. I grew up on a huge dairy for most of my life, moved up to Oregon at the age of seven or so, and so far have lived a very happy life. As of right now I am off at college getting a degree in Music. With that degree I hope to own a private studio to teach piano to all ages. As you can tell the piano is my passion. I love getting new pieces to play, and to escape from the world for a moment in time. As much as I love music, sports are another big part in my life. Being active is important to me, and continue to do so as much as possible. This summer I plan to work, help my mom paint the house, help my dad fix up the downstairs and maybe Slade and I can plan out our outdoor theatre for the future. Oh plus hang out with the newlyweds and friends. This summer will be pleasantly filled. Thank goodness :) Well hopefully it won't be too long till I write next time, to tell you more on my super duper exciting life :)

P.S. I added the picture of my cousin Jon and I because I thought it was too cute to leave out. We were connected at the hip growing up. :)